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It’s the Teen Tour Band Boosters, Inc. that funds a large part of our tours. As you may imagine, the cost of sending 150 to 200 teenagers and equipment outside Canada is a huge expense. Air fare, hotel rooms and meals are constantly increasing in cost. Part of our mandate is to help band members that may have difficulty in funding their trips so that all members have opportunities to benefit from the experience that the band offers.


The Boosters are a charitable organization made up of approximately 300 parents and alumni. The Boosters support the band with everything they do. We are currently looking for individuals and businesses who may wish to take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities. As a charitable organization, we can offer tax receipts.

As a world renowned marching band, we can offer some unique advertising features. Our levels of sponsorship range from $500 to $3000 or more and we gladly accept donations in any amount. We can also design a custom arrangement for you if you wish.


We look forward to having you as a member of the Band family of sponsors.



Platinum Level

Gold Level



Silver Level

Bronze Level

Supporters Level

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The Booster Sponsorship Program is one way that you can help the Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters. To find out how our sponsorship program works, please contact the Sponsorship Director, for more information on our sponsorship levels or to have a sponsorship package sent to you.

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