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The Teen Tour Band Boosters have a history almost as long and as illustrious as the Band itself.

The Boosters originally came to be in the late 1960ʼs, when parents and supporters of the Burlington Teen Tour Band gathered to help with the planning and organizing of the various activities of the Band.


This group of parents and supporters became to be known as the “Boosters”.


The Booster organization was incorporated as a registered non-profit charity in 1974 to formalize the manner in which it would function as prime supporters of the Burlington Teen Tour Band.


Today the Boosters are responsible for a large number of activities that help the Band run as efficiently and effectively as possible as well as providing fundraising support to help offset the costs associated with Band Tours.


Just some of the many things Boosters do include: chaperoning parades, stand still performances, concerts and tours; organizing and presenting the annual Spring Concert, preparing and feeding the Band Members during the annual Band Camp, and MANY fundraising activities through out the year.

When a new member joins the Band and pays their annual dues, their parent/guardian automatically becomes a Booster..itʼs that simple!


The Boosters generally meet once a month from September to June to discuss and plan for upcoming events (fundraising, chaperoning, tours etc) as well as share ideas and feedback. We strongly encourage ALL Boosters to attend the meetings.

Remember...behind every Band a dedicated Booster!!!! Come join us today!!!!!


Mailing address:  PO Box 91572,  Roseland Plaza,  Burlington, On L7R 4L6

For general inquiries please contact


2024 BOOSTER Board of Directors


PRESIDENT: Alix McMullen

The President co-ordinates and supervises the operation and affairs of the Corporation.



The Vice-President is responsible for planning and co-ordinating the BPAC Concert, selling band clothing and swag and is a backup to the President.


SECRETARY: Linda Holland

The Secretary in responsible for maintaining meeting minutes, membership lists and distributing the mail.


TREASURER: Jasmine Norris

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting and depositing funds and paying of invoices on behalf of the Boosters.



The Head Chaperone is responsible for arranging and providing chaperones for band functions, training new chaperones and maintaining the chaperone alpha-rotation list as well as collecting police checks/declarations.


FUNDRAISING: Maureen Galivan

The Fundraising Director is responsible for fundraising activities with primary focus on the Spring Raffle.


FINANCE: Yvonne Bilo

The Finance Director is responsible for maintaining the financial books of the corporation including generating invoices, tour budgets, tax receipts and providing information to the auditors.



The Communications Director is responsible for Booster communications via the Weekly Booster insider as well as publicising Booster activities via social media and posters.


SPONSORSHIP: Steve Butterworth

The Sponsorship Director is responsible for generating new sponsors, maintaining relationships with existing sponsors and reviewing donations to the Boosters.


LOGISTICS: Anthony Neppe

The Logistics Director is responsible for running the BBQ fundraising program.



The Band Liaison is responsible for liaising between the band executive and the Booster executive and is lead person for events such as the Fortinos fundraiser.



The Boosters could not support the band without the help of our countless volunteers. Every parent/guardian of a band member is a Booster, the Booster fee is part of your band registration cost. Every Booster can be a volunteer and it is highly encouraged that all Boosters help.

There are several events that require volunteers such as; driving for raffle blitz's, helping at BBQ fundraisers, preparing snacks and lunches at Band Camp, supporting the Fortinos grocery bagging plus other events throughout they year.

Many of the volunteering events directly generate funds that are used to help offset the cost of band trips for all band members.

Volunteering provides a good opportunity to meet other Boosters and to connect more with the band experience.



Another volunteer area is Chaperoning. This is a great way to support the band, enjoy the behind the scenes of performances and have the opportunity to be considered to chaperone band trips. there are some additional requirements to become a Chaperone, please reach out to the Head Chaperone, for more information on becoming a Chaperone.

Angel Fund


The Angel Fund is a special fund to help support band members that may not have the means to cover the full cost of a band trip. The fund is supported by a portion of the Booster fundraising and by special donations dedicated to this fund.

The Angel Fund has a very confidential application process. If your band member requires this assistance, please contact the President, for more information and to start the application.

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