2019 Booster Executive

  • Kathy Hoogsteen

PRESIDENT - president@teentourboosters.com

The President shall supervise and co-ordinate all affairs and activities of the Corporation and shall make a complete report thereon to the members of the Annual Meeting.


  • Mike Lilley

VICE PRESIDENT - vicepresident@teentourboosters.com

The Vice-President shall be vested with all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence or disability or refusal to act of the President. The Vice-president is also responsible for planning and coordinating the annual BPAC Concert and the annual Fall fundraiser.

  • Mike Orosz

SECRETARY - secretary@teentourboosters.com

The Secretary shall have charge of the Minute Books of the Corporation.

  • Larissa Hughes

TREASURER - treasurer@teentourboosters.com

The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all the Funds and Securities of the Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters Inc. The Treasurer shall pay such accounts approved by the membership or Board of Directors and shall keep an accurate record of all receipts. The Board of Directors or members shall direct the Treasurer to submit audited or to be audited financial statements.

  • Angela Houghton

HEAD CHAPERONE - headchaperone@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Chaperones (head chaperone) shall, with the approval of the Executive Committee and Band Management, be responsible for providing all chaperone services requested by Band Management. All chaperones are under the supervision and direction of the Director of Chaperones who is acting under the direction of Band Management.

  • David Brown

FUNDRAISING - fundraising@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Fundraising shall be responsible for fundraising activities on behalf of the Corporation as deemed appropriate by the Board.

  • Jodi Killen

PUBLICITY - publicity@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Publicity shall be responsible for all publicity relative to Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters, Inc. sponsored functions.

  • Stacey Newstead

SPONSORSHIP - sponsorship@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Sponsorship shall be responsible for the promotion of sponsorship, the planning suitable accommodations for Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters, Inc. sponsored visitors and any other activities deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

  • Rob Maiurro

LOGISTICS - logistics@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Logistics shall be responsible for planning all mass transport and manpower requirements for Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters, Inc. sponsored fundraising events.


  • Michelle Harding

COMMUNICATIONS - communications@teentourboosters.com

The Director of Membership shall be responsible for the promotion of membership sales and associated functions and is responsible for maintaining contact with all members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters Inc.

  • Mark Goodale

BAND LIAISON- bandliaison@teentourboosters.com

This position, usually held by the past president, is responsible for liaising between the Booster executive and member of the Burlington Teen Tour Band executive. Operating as a communication link between the youth of the “Band” and the members of the “Boosters”, The past president will also consult and offer suggestions to the BTTB executive with regards to fundraising and other key issues.



You can also reach the Boosters by snail mail:

PO Box 91572

Roseland Plaza

Burlington, On L7R 4L6